Webinar: How can miners integrate technology to improve stakeholder engagement programs?

Image by Esa Niemelä from Pixabay.

ESG investing has grown roots; communities are more regularly finding their voices; governments want greater assurances around responsible practices; and employees want to work for companies that live up to these higher standards.

This remains a frontier for miners. The fourth industrial revolution has, however, provided new tools to aid this transition toward best practice.

With partners IsoMetrix and Accenture, Mining Journal’s webinar will discuss:

  • How has digitisation and communication advances changed the engagement process? 
  • How should executives be looking to mesh hard technologies with human behaviours?
  • What processes and software are available to help manage the risks and opportunities?
  • How do appropriate technologies change according to company size and location?

Free webinar takes place July 15. Register here.

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