Boart Longyear Launches Next Generation Surface-Set Bits

SALT LAKE CITY — March 8, 2010 — Boart Longyear ®  Limited (ASX:BLY), the world’s leading integrated drilling services and products provider, released a groundbreaking new line of surface-set bits, including 11 configurations designed to yield deeper penetration and reduced rod tripping. The Surface Set XP™ bits last up to three times longer than conventional surface-set bits and eliminate the need to utilize alternative bits in inconsistent ground formations.


“Our goal was to redefine the surface-set category and set a new benchmark for productivity in soft and sedimentary applications,” said Monika Portman, product manager for coring products with Boart Longyear. “Early testing of the new surface-set bits confirms the strength of the engineering and proprietary Boart Longyear technology applied in their development.”

The new surface-set bits feature an impregnated crown with multiple layers of diamonds for a significantly increased lifespan. Its patented Ultramatrix™ crown holds large, synthetic diamonds in place as it continues to cut, compared to traditional surface-set bits that utilize only a single layer of diamonds.

The bits’ patented RazerCut™ face design further increases productivity by quickly exposing the impregnated diamonds. This design delivers a “sharp-out-of-the-box” performance, with exposed cutting surfaces for immediate drilling capability.

By delivering superior cutting and deeper penetration, the bit’s Ultramatrix design reduces downtime where the bit is not cutting. Hard seams in the ground often destroy traditional surface-set bits, forcing operators to pull the rod string out and change bits if ground formations vary as it cuts deeper. Boart Longyear Surface Set XP bits provide a “push-through” capability in hard seams, preventing unnecessary rod trips and enabling drillers to keep their rod in the ground longer.

With better, more sustained penetration rates, drilling contractors also realize a significant cost-per-meter advantage. To learn more about the Surface Set XP bits, contact your local Boart Longyear sales representative or visit

About Boart Longyear
Boart Longyear is a 120-year-old global mineral exploration company with its headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.  It is publicly listed on the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) in Australia.  Regional offices and operations are located in Asia Pacific, North and South America, Europe and Africa.  The company is the leading provider of mineral exploration services and drilling products for the global mining industry and also has a substantial drilling presence for water exploration, environmental sampling, energy, and oil sands exploration.

With 2009 sales of U.S. $978 million and over 7,000 employees worldwide, the company conducts contract drilling services in more than 40 countries, and provides mining products to customers in over 100 countries.