Breakers for Kamchatka platinum

ZAO KGD, ordered an Atlas Copco hydraulic breaker HB 5800 Dust that had a long journey, to be accomplished rapidly. The machine is now operating at full capacity in an open pit, appropriately named 'Icy'.

After more than 50 years a military area, Kamchatka, the biggest peninsula of East Asia, is no longer restricted for visitors. It is an inhospitable but picturesque landscape – with temperatures below zero and severe storms most of the time. The area is also known as 'the place from where all winds come.'

The management of ZAO KGD promotes continuous development of any work process, to produce around 3,000 kg/y of platinum. In order to improve mining methods, the company consulted construction tool manufacturers to find superior solutions. So Atlas Copco CTO suggested that working with a hydraulic breaker could be best suited for primary breaking at the Icy pit.

That is when the HB 5800 Dust went on its passage to Kamchatka, accompanied by a team of CTO service engineers. Leonid Polumiskov, ZAO KGD Representative says: "After several months of Atlas Copco breaker running we can see day by day that we made a right choice. Excellent operating performance and high breaking power of the HB 5800 Dust clearly improve our productivity."