On Tuesday, June 17th, the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IoM3) will host a unique double launch event to introduce two brand new innovations for the mining industry:- IMMa and the PERC Code

IMMa: The International Mining and Minerals Association is the new public face of the four resources divisions of the IoM3, representing those Institute members that belong to the Applied Earth Science, Mineral Processing & Extractive Metallurgy, Mining Technology and Petroleum & Drilling divisions. IMMa is the home for minerals industry professionals in the UK. Its launch coincides with a period of unprecedented demand for mineral and energy resources, when the mining industry is as buoyant as it has been in a lifetime and the need for skilled professionals is at an all-time high.

The PERC Code: IMMa is the senior 'sponsor' of the Pan European Reserves & Resources Reporting Committee (PERC), alongside the Geological Society, the European Federation of Geologists, and the Institute of Geologists of Ireland. This committee was established in 2006 to produce an update to the former IMM Reporting Code, for use on stock exchanges in London and other European capitals, and it is now ready to launch the new PERC code into the public arena. Mining analysts and professionals should not miss the unveiling of this updated reserves reporting code that will affect future mining IPOs….more at MEIOnline