Atlas Copco launches 6thSense – the digital path for whole of systems integration in mining, quarrying and tunneling

Imagine your operation working like this. In perfect harmony, with all systems connected. Like a gigantic school of fish, communicating and sharing all necessary information with each other. Moving without colliding, synchronized as one single organism. 6th Sense makes this possible.

Automation and digitalization are the future of the mining industry. But automation is not just about remotely controlled machines. Atlas Copco offer smart connected products and with the new concept 6thSense takes a leap in getting all systems connected. “We are now taking a big step on the digital path for systems integration in mining, quarrying and tunneling. With 6thSense you are able to improve your operation in a completely new way,” says Olav Kvist, Vice President Mining Technology.

Increased safety, predictability and productivity

“6th Sense, explains Olav Kvist, is all about interoperability, advanced data analytics and a work process where we help our customers take the right steps towards improved operations. Every little step results in the clear benefits of 6th Sense: increased safety, increased predictability and increased productivity.”

Teaming up

With 6th Sense, Atlas Copco integrates equipment, services and automation with advanced analytics and management systems. To be able to do this Atlas Copco is investing both internally and teaming up with external partners.

Kvist continues, We are not alone in this. We are developing collaborations and key partnerships with a number of companies with excellence in performance and capabilities.”

Today Atlas Copco wish to announce partnerships and collaborations with Mobilaris MCE, Dassault Systemes and IBM. With this eco-system view on automation Atlas Copco will continue being a long term partner to its customers on their journey towards increased safety, predictability and productivity.

6th Sense digital path

Customers are currently on different productivity levels and are continuously seeking new ways of improving their operations. This is where Atlas Copco with its 6th Sense digital path will be a key enabler to meet customer specific needs.

Joe Farrugia Vice President Global Technology Operations explains, The key thing is that most can take significant steps on their existing fleets.”

6th Sense can be defined in four levels, Machine function, Machine autonomy, Process autonomy and System integration. In short, the levels can be described as follows.

Machine Function

The first level – Machine function – is operator assist through automated machine functions. Monitoring systems provide easy access and collection of data while control systems provide operator assist functionality improving the value of the machine in use.

Machine Autonomy

Moving to the next level – Machine autonomy – it’s automation of a complete machine and remote control of one or several machines at the same time. You optimize your equipment’s full capacity by not having to adjust to the normal staff time schedules. On top of this autonomous operation means the machine is run consistently to its specifications improving the life and reducing wear and tear from manual use.

Automation of a complete process

The third level – Process autonomy – is when machines start to become connected from a working perspective. This is automation of a complete process with a mixed fleet communicating machine to machine, with real time positioning integrated to planning and decision support systems. Such as complete interoperability in a drill – blast cycle process.

Whole of systems interoperability

The final and highest level – System integration – is complete integration of processes and systems across the entire value chain. This includes advanced analytics, traffic management, total asset management and the whole operation management.

Atlas Copco’s Mining and Rock Excavation Technique business area provides equipment for drilling and rock excavation, a complete range of related consumables and service through a global network. The business area innovates for sustainable productivity in surface and underground mining, infrastructure, civil works, well drilling and geotechnical applications. Principal product development and manufacturing units are located in Sweden, the United States, Canada, China and India.




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