A weekend of anti-oil sands protests in Canada

Oil sands protest

Oil sands protest | Image from Twitter, posted by @NobelWomen

Canada’s oil sand were the subject of 130 separate protests across Canada this weekend.

Operating under the umbrella group Defend Our Climate, protesters rallied from coast to coast, with the largest group gathering in Vancouver, according to the Globe and Mail.

Vancouve demonstrators are opposing Enbridge’s plans to build the Northern Gateway pipeline – which would help get Alberta crude to Asian markets.

“It’s a disaster,” one protester told the Vancouver Sun. “The government seems to be intent on going ahead, with no brakes on the process, in developing energy projects like the Enbridge pipeline, without any concerns for the environmental effects.”

Calgary’s Enbridge – the  country’s biggest energy transportation company – is also under fire for its proposed Line 9B pipeline reversal in eastern Canada.

Protesters oppose oil sands development over fears that it would damage the environment and impede on Aboriginal land use rights. One rally participant told the Globe and Mail that there is “no safe way” of developing the sands.

In Alberta, protesters showed their opposition by building a wall of 116 oil barrels in front of the legislature building.

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