Advancing employee engagement in mining — report

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Employee engagement and soft skills have never been more important for the mining industry, the Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG) outlines in a recent report focused on advancing employee engagement in mining.

GMG authored the paper to share industry insights with the global community, such as the Workforce of the Future Working Group, launching soon.

A number of converging factors are changing the industry such as advanced digital technologies, emerging generations with different priorities around work, and increased social and environmental awareness, GMG asserts.  

All of these changes affect the workforce, sometimes introducing new challenges, while also offering new opportunities around employee engagement.

Advancing Employee Engagement in Mining describes employee engagement and disengagement from the perspective of the individual, organization and community and offers ideas for how to foster engagement and address disengagement.

Source: Global Mining Guidelines Group

“The public, regulators and governments are becoming increasingly aware of social and environmental issues. It is more important than ever to have trust between society and industry, industry and community, and employees and employers, GMG says.

“Making sure mines are safe and healthy places to work, making sure workplaces are diverse and inclusive, and developing strong relationships with local communities are becoming key factors in maintaining the social license to operate. Employee engagement is a key factor in all of this.”

Read the full report here.

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