BHP and Klaveness Digital partner to develop maritime platform to optimize supply chain

BHP’s, (NYSE: BHP) Maritime and Supply Chain Excellence team and Klaveness Digital are working together to drive the development of new shipping and logistics platforms to improve the way the industry collaborates and shares scheduling and vessel information, BHP said in an emailed statement.  

The concept will enable BHP and its partners to access the same shipping information in real-time, and customers on the platform can also see the shipping schedule and calculate impact on their inventory and production.  

As a first proof of concept, BHP invited a global steel producer to trial the CargoValue solution developed by Klaveness Digital. The proof of concept has provided the steel producer with actionable insight into their raw material flow, with real-time updates on unexpected deviations to the schedule, allowing them to better forecast inventory, manage safety buffers and plan production. 

 “By partnering with Klaveness Digital, we get to explore new ways of delivering value to our customers, Rashpal Bhatti vice president, Maritime and Supply Chain Excellence BHP, said in the media release. “The CargoValue solution developed by Klaveness Digital provides a new way to securely share cargo and vessel information with our customers around the globe, changing the way we interact with our clients.”  

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