De-mucking system for heavy mud introduced

Every day up to 400 trucks leave the coal stockpile Kohlenhuck of Deutsche Steinkohle in Kamp-Lintfort, Germany. A special FRUTIGER De-Mucking System washes the trucks before they enter the public road.

Long drives on the stockpile, the dipping process on the dump and the mainly un-surfaced roads create a heavy soiling of the trucks from mud mixed with sticky coal. Wheels, profiles, chassis and the body of the trucks are covered by a layer of mud that would contaminate the public roads and make regular service difficult. Since the installation of the FRUTIGER Washing System HD at coal stockpile Kohlenhuck, these problems have been solved due to the proven technology of MobyDick Wheel Washing Systems.

The De-Mucking System consists of a washing area in which all of the wash water gets recycled. With more then 400 nozzles of a 7mm minimum diameter, a huge volume of water at low pressure washes down all heavy mud from chassis, wheels and body. In a second step the adhesive recycling water is washed down with a fresh water rinse. The total washing process lasts less then one minute.

Following the same principle the MobyDick HD can wash track-mounted vehicles up to size D-11 or large off-road trucks or wheel-loaders. Depending on the customer request, the system can be designed to match the width of the widest vehicles. The nozzle arrangement and the height of the spraying system will depend on the different types of machines to be washed.  Washing times of several hours can be reduced to several minutes with the De-Mucking System. At the same time washed-off mud is clearly separated from the fine wash of the engine compartment, which should be done by a pressure washer. Thanks to simple water recycling and low pressure the contaminated sludge will not require special waste management.

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