Eurobattery Minerals finds econo-grade nickel sulphide at Corcel

Samples from the Corcel project. (Image courtesy of Eurobattery Metals).

Eurobattery Minerals announced that mineral tests conducted by SGS on the Castriz prospect in Galicia, Spain, confirmed economical-grade nickel sulphide. 

In a press release, the company said that seven samples from four diamond drill holes completed in 2019 were submitted to SGS Lakefield, a firm in Canada, for mineral identification and characterization using quantitative evaluation of materials by scanning electron microscopy, chemical analysis and electron microprobe analysis. 

According to Eruobattery, the majority of the samples were selected from the main mineralized nickel sulphide intervals previously confirmed by geochemical assaying and the objective of the study was to determine the mineral abundances and high-level analysis of liberation characteristics of sulphide and gangue minerals to aid with future mineral testing programs.

Castriz is part of the Corcel project, located in Galicia, northwest Spain

The mineral studies determined the predominant Ni-sulphide mineral to be pentlandite with very minor millerite and violarite. Silicate minerals, iron oxides and chromite contain relatively low nickel concentrations.

“We are encouraged by the mineral test results which confirm high-value nickel sulphide minerals as dominating asset in the Castriz deposit,” Roberto García Martínez, CEO of Eurobattery Minerals, said in the media brief.

“Our attention will now turn to identifying ways to maximize the value of our discovery by identifying potential massive sulphide zones and assessing the optimal mineral processing option for recovering the sulphides.”

Castriz is part of the Corcel project, located in Galicia, northwest Spain, near the town of La Coruña. The rock types at Corcel are ultramafic and mafic layered intrusive rocks which are known to host Ni-Cu-Co ore deposits.