Geoscience BC, Geological Survey join forces to support mineral exploration

Vancouver Island North Regional Project geophysical survey. (Image courtesy of Geoscience BC).

Non-profit organization Geoscience BC and the British Columbia Geological Survey have signed a three-year agreement to coordinate and collaborate on geoscience research related to mineral resources in the province of British Columbia, western Canada. 

In a press release, the organizations said that the memorandum of understanding provides the framework to jointly identify public mineral geoscience needs in the province, standardize data collection and public access to data, as well as leverage resources to co-deliver mineral research projects, programs and initiatives. 

“The British Columbia Geological Survey and Geoscience BC are the heart of a made-in-BC approach to public geoscience that attracts investment, stimulates innovation and informs responsible mineral exploration and development decisions in the province,” Gavin C. Dirom, Geoscience BC president and CEO, said in the media brief.

“Leveraging resources and coordinating on mineral research projects is important to industry, communities and investors that rely on public geoscience, and so formalizing the collaboration between the organizations with this MOU is a logical and welcome step.” 

According to Dirom, as part of implementing the MOU, a Coordination Steering Committee has been formed to guide the current and future collaborative work between the organizations and a Charter outlining the purpose and functions of the Committee has also been signed. 

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