Gold’s untold story

Image from the World Gold Council.

Gold has uses that affect many aspects of our lives. While gold is known as a safe haven investment asset and is popular worn as jewelry, it is also present, while hidden from view, ensuring the safe operation of the medical and electronic devices we rely on every day.

Responsible gold miners in all parts of the world make significant contributions to society, such as bringing jobs and opportunities to host communities.

The World Gold Council (WGC) has brought the journey from mine to market – gold’s untold story —to life.

Explore WGC’s virtual community setting, where you can see some of gold’s less known uses — such as its role in treating cancer. The WGC virtual mine site also highlights some of the innovations companies are implementing to safely and efficiently produce gold.

Gold mining projects only proceed once the government of the host country has granted permits and all aspects of these applications are scrutinized closely, with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations of critical importance.

Securing a “social license to operate”, which is now becoming akin to a mining license, depends on building and nurturing healthy, collaborative partnerships with host governments and communities.

Foundational to these long-term partnerships is trust, built through ESG impact management and stakeholder engagement, contributing to good governance and fairly sharing the benefits of mining.

Take the WGC virtual journey from mine to market here.


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