High-res geophysical data on northern Vancouver Island made public

Precision GeoSurveys helicopter. (Image courtesy of Geoscience BC).

Geoscience BC just published new high-resolution data from a recent geophysical survey on northern Vancouver Island, in the western Canadian province of British Columbia.

In a press release, the NGO said that the survey was part of the Vancouver Island North Regional Project, whose goal is to promote mineral exploration interest and investment in the area.

Prospectors, government, communities and Indigenous groups are expected to make use of the information

Carried out by Precision GeoSurveys, the survey collected information about the magnetic properties of the rocks below the ground and the radiometric properties of rocks and soils near the surface and covers approximately 6,127 square kilometres or 20% of Vancouver Island stretching from Port McNeill in the north to Tahsis in the southwest.

“The new geophysical data from the Vancouver Island North Regional Project is the highest resolution regional data available for the area,” Christa Pellett, Geoscience BC vice president of the minerals division, said in the press brief. “It will focus the search for mineral deposits, and we are already hearing of new interest in mineral claims staking and investment in the area.”

Pellet said that since the data is publicly available, they are expected to become useful to prospectors, government, communities and Indigenous groups wanting to work on economic development and land use planning.

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