Immersive Technologies recognizes two for mining business improvement

Immersive Technologies has announced the winners of its Global Business Improvement Award 2018. Marking the tenth year in which Immersive Technologies recognizes the most outstanding real results achieved by mining companies utilizing simulation as a key driver in the business improvement process.

Finalists are selected for their achievements in continuously improving operational safety, efficiency and productivity through strategic simulator-based training initiatives.

Peabody Energy, a U.S. coal miner, was top of the surface mining category. As part of their Run for Reliability program, Peabody targeted multiple objectives related to safety, haul truck spot times, and equipment abuse events that lead to unscheduled maintenance. Peabody and Immersive Technologies partnered on a managed service solution which embedded an Immersive Technologies training specialist and analytics support within the mine’s continuous improvement team. Results achieved include an 11% spot time improvement and a reduction of 36% in operator induced machine abuse events which led to cost avoidance savings.

Codelco’s Chuquicamata, a Chilean copper mine, won the underground mining category. Codelco utilized simulation to conduct a baseline training needs assessment of their LHD and longhole production drill rig operator workforce. The insights from the initial operator assessments facilitated the deployment of a strategic training program, targeting specific operator behaviors. Results achieved include a 49% improvement in LHD and a 56% improvement in jumbo operator behaviors related to safety, production and unscheduled maintenance costs.

(This article first appeared in the Canadian Mining Journal)

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