India’s first Simulated Underground Mine

The Times of India reports that the first simulated underground mine of India is in Gurgaon. The training facility will be used by the Institute of Natural Resources (INR) to offer specialized training for students interested in a career in the mining industry.

Inaugurating the institute, former Australian cricket team captain Steve Waugh said, “Just like on the cricket field we players do the job for each other to win the game, partnerships in academics and training is required to achieve success.” He said though it was unimaginable to have a mine in the middle of Gurgaon after seeing it he realized that students of mining would get an as-good-as-real feel of the environment and surroundings with this innovative step.

INR director K B Trehan said most industries, especially mining and natural resources are struggling with scarcity of skilled workforce therefore the institute was in immediate need to shorten the skill gap. “Keeping in a view the specific industry needs and skill shortages, matching courses will be delivered at the institute so that the trainees have strong resume reflecting Australian certified qualification” he added.

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