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IWiM launches International Day of Women in Mining

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International Women in Mining (IWiM) has announced the launch of the International Day of Women in Mining. This inaugural global celebration of women in mining is slated for June 15 2022 and will be celebrated annually, the organization said.

IWiM aims for the day to be embedded into the mining sector’s global calendar to celebrate past, present and future women in mining.

“We are inviting individual professionals, Women in Mining (WIM) organisations, mining companies, academia, supply chain, technical and professional service consultancies, sector associations, governments, unions, and civil society to join us in celebrating women’s perseverance, contributions, talent and spirit in the mining sector,” Barbara Dischinger, Director of IWiM said in a media release.

“This day will mark a turning point for the mining sector and pave the way for industry stakeholders to continue working for an enduring and more sustainable sector,” Dischinger said.

The International Day of Women in Mining is an annual campaign that raises awareness of the achievements reached so far as well as the work that lies ahead to reach gender equality in the mining sector, and also promotes actionable initiatives for the industry to collaborate and to reach a more inclusive sector.

On June 15, the 2-hour virtual event at 2-4pm BST will be under the theme #CelebrateWIM #CelebrateHer.

The event, hosted by IWiM will feature keynote presentations by guest speakers including Laura Tyler, Chief Technical Officer of BHP and International Day of Women in Mining 2022 Campaign Ambassador, Rohitesh Dhawan, Chief Executive Officer of International Council for Mining and Metals, Professor Deanna Kemp, Director of Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining, Sustainable Minerals Institute at The University of Queensland; and Sheila Khama, former CEO of De Beers Botswana and Natural Resources Policy Advisor at The World Bank and African Development Bank. 

Registration is here.