Latin American Minerals delineates new rare earth elements targets at its Chirigueloniobium/REE project in Paraguay

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – Sept. 27, 2011) – Latin American Minerals Inc. (TSX VENTURE:LAT) (the “Company“) announces selected interim results from 2011 ground exploration program at the Chiriguelo Project, located in northern Paraguay near the border with Brazil. Recentrock and soil samples have detected a second Rare Earth Element (REE) target. Previous exploration at the project had delineated a significant niobium (Nb) target and the original Chiriguelo Rare Earth Element target. Carbonatites similar to Chiriguelo include the world’s largest niobium deposits, the Araxá and Catalão mines in Brazil, and also large rare earth deposits such as Mountain Pass in California and Mount Weld in Australia.

In May 2011, the Company initiated a detailed ground exploration program at Chiriguelo designed to detect and delineate new areas of REE or Nb concentrations. The program involves comprehensive grid coverage of ground magnetics, ground radiometrics, and soil and rock sampling. While this eight month program remains ongoing, partial results have identified a new second REE target with high values over a 2000 metre by 2000 metre area.

Miles Rideout, President and CEO of Latin American Minerals Inc. said: “This remarkable REE target validates our interest in this new exploration region, where we believe the Company has the potential to ultimately define a rare earth element resource. Latin American Minerals has a strong track record where we have previously identified and developed an industrial resource project, which culminated in our Lithium Americas spin-off IPO in 2010. If we can prove a viable resource in the critical REE market or niobium sector, a similar spin-off or a strategic partnership with a major company are possible development alternatives.”

The results are summarized below for Total Rare Earth Oxides (TREO). The actual upper quartile results are shown in Table 1.

46 rock samples were collected at surface though the target area.
  • The average for all these rock samples was 0.93 % TREO.
  • The average for the upper quartile for rock samples was 2.53% TREO.
  • The highest concentration recorded in rock samples was 5.89% TREO.
100 soil samples were collected over a regular grid though the anomalous area.
  • The average for all these soil samples was 0.298 % TREO.
  • The average for the upper quartile for soil samples was 0.77% TREO.
  • The highest concentration recorded in soil samples was 1.41% TREO.
# of total samples: 100 # of total samples: 46
# in upper quartile: 25 # in upper quartile: 11
Sample label % content TREO Sample label % content TREO
1915 0.405 3645 0.942
1745 0.439 3626 0.996
1916 0.448 3637 1.028
1920 0.528 3636 1.040
1397 0.538 3641 1.063
1405 0.561 3651 1.951
1399 0.566 3646 3.070
1743 0.592 3661 3.197
1401 0.608 3627 3.970
12313 0.669 3657 4.659
1576 0.744 3650 5.886
1406 0.764
1411 0.776
1407 0.795
1412 0.841
1919 0.911
1414 0.911
12310 0.939
1413 0.942
1585 0.987
1409 0.999
2460 1.028
1408 1.073
2283 1.176
1586 1.41
Average for quartile: 0.786% Average for quartile: 2.527%
Peak value: 1.41% TREO Peak value: 5.886% TREO
Table 1: Summary of upper quartile TREO values from the sample set over the new REE target area.

Considering only the upper quartile set of rock samples, the distribution of the major REOs within the TREO value is: 50.94% Cerium (Ce), 36.27% Lanthanum (La), 7.86 Neodymium (Nd), 3.83% Praseodymium (Pr), 0.67% Yttrium (Y) and 0.43% Samarium (Sm).The assays were conducted by ALS Minerals in Peru employing lithium borate fusion followed by acid dissolution and ICP-MS analysis.

Paraguay is a progressive democratic county with legislation favorable for foreign investment, mine operation and exports. Chiriguelo, as with all the Company’s projects in Paraguay, features all-weather road access and proximal population centres for logistical support.

About the Company:

Latin American Minerals Inc. is a well-financed mineral exploration company focused on the acquisition and development of projects in emerging mineral districts within South America. In 2007, the Company identified Paraguay as a significant country for grassroots exploration. The multiple new mineral systems identified in this stable democratic country demonstrate a tremendous breadth of mineral wealth. The Company’s Paso Yobai Gold Project, the Itapoty Diamond Project and the Chiriguelo Rare Earths / Niobium Project are all located in Paraguay.

Dr. Waldo Perez is the Company’s internal “Qualified Person” under the requirements of National Instrument 43-101, and has reviewed and approved the content of this news release.

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