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GMG launches initiatives on cybersecurity, electric mines

Electric shovel in open pit. Stock image.

Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG), a Canada- based network of representatives from mining companies, OEMs, OTMs, research organizations, consultants and regulators that counts the world’s biggest miners among its members, has announced the launch of two new working groups on cybersecurity and the electric mine, with the goal of creating safe and sustainable mines of the future.

GMG said that noting the increase in mine digitalization and, therefore, in the risk of cybersecurity incidents taking place, the cybersecurity working group wants to provide guidance for the industry to access and implement existing solutions, be responsive to the priorities of the industry, and look for projects that will benefit from GMG’s open, collaborative principles and processes.

“The shift toward the electric mine in surface and underground contexts is indicative of our industry‚Äôs growing commitment to reducing greenhouse gases and providing safer working environments”

GMG Managing Director Heather Ednie

Miners can also receive guidance in the designing of safe, reliable and resilient cybersecurity infrastructure that adheres to regulatory, trust, and privacy best practices. 

The electric mine working group, on the other hand, was created with the goal of accelerating the advancement and adoption of electric mining technologies in underground and surface contexts. 

“It will cover all-electric technologies that are replacing those that typically use diesel. Key objectives include developing guidelines and sharing information on using and testing electric technologies and designing electric mines,” GMG’s media brief states.

According to the organization, the need for this type of working group became evident after its previous work on electric vehicles in underground mining brought together a community of companies leading the way in developing and adopting electric mining technologies. 

“As these technologies are increasingly used in surface mines, the need to expand the community has become clear,” the press release reads.

The Global Mining Guidelines Group said that once both groups become operative, they will have to form a steering committee to refine their scope and objectives and identify early projects.