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SafeSight aims for safer mine rescue with emergency response drone

Image from SafeSight.

SafeSight has released a new drone solution to support the transformation of emergency response and mine rescue underground and on surface last week at MINExpo in Las Vegas.

The SafeScout emergency response drone (ERD) is designed to provide first responders critical information to make life saving decisions and improve safety on site. 

The ERD allows rescue crews to rapidly deploy and gather high-definition video of an incident or rescue situation. The collected video intelligence is available immediately to rescue crews and shareable with experts on surface. 

“Rescue or recovery is a fundamental decision point for any emergency or mine rescue response team. The ERD is a specific drone solution to support a dramatically improved response while keeping rescue crews safe,” said SafeSight’s lead underground aviator Isaac Paul. 

The SafeScout-ERD meets these rescue fundamentals: 

● Small and light and fitting into a custom backpack, the ERD is an easy grab and go execution for Rescue crews who are already heavily loaded with response equipment. 

● Plug and play launch capability for quick and easy deployment. 

● Critical situation and logistical data can be gathered to support decision making at the incident and in collaboration with surface support. 

● Ease of use, hover capability minimizes the level of expertise of the operator and supports operational success and data gathering. 

The SafeScout ERD was developed using SafeSight’s underground inspection drone and insights from mining safety experts. It is intended to be the best and affordable solution for every mine. 

“We were very pleased collaborating with SafeSight’s innovations team to deploy solutions that are designed with safety in mind,” Dave Poulin, Newmont Porcupine’s emergency response specialist said in a media release. “They provided critical and practical operational information to our responders to ensure they can perform their activities without having to place themselves in harm’s way.” 

Mike Campigotto, SafeSight’s President said the ERD is a powerful asset and a big step in supporting mine safety leadership and mine rescue responders. “We believe this will become a critical component of the mine rescue and mine safety tool kit,” he said.  

See the SafeScout ERD in action here.

(This article first appeared in the Canadian Mining Journal)