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Sixteen people trapped in gold mine in Colombia

Photo by Jefatura Gestión del Riesgo, Medio Ambiente y Cambio Climático de Caldas.

Sixteen miners are trapped inside a gold mine in Colombia following the collapse of the quarry’s entrance.

The mine is located in the municipality of Marmato, which belongs to the northwestern Caldas province. The miners are said to be in good health and they are supposed to have enough air to breathe.

The regional Department of Risk Management, Environment and Climate Change made public the information about the accident and said that it is working on designing the most appropriate rescue plan taking into account that the mine’s entrance is blocked. Marmato’s fire brigade and the Mining National Agency’s Group of Mining Rescue are providing logistical support in trying to find the best approach.

The local chapter of the Red Cross and the fire department of the nearby Riosucio town have also been alerted of the situation in case their support is needed.