Stans Energy reaches ‘amicable’ deal with former CFO over her dismissal

Anna Kuranova, via Linkedin.

Canadian-based rare earths junior Stans Energy (TSX-V: HRE), (OTCQX: HREEF) said Wednesday it has resolved a lawsuit against the company by former Chief Financial Officer Anna Kuranova in an “amicable fashion”.

According to the company, Kuranova was hired in 2012 due to her extensive experience at producing mines in Russia. In 2014, however, she went on medical leave and never returned.

In March last year, she sued the company alleging a wrongful dismissal.

The Toronto-based company did not disclose details of the agreement with its former CFO.

The company has been in the news as of late because the Kyrgyz Republic owns Stans $118 million for revoking the miner’s licences for the Kutessay II and Kalesay rare earth properties.

The Kyrgyz Republic’s economy is highly dependent on gold and other precious metals and stones exports, which account for about 34% of the country’s shipments.

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