There’s a system to control mine dust remotely

Control Unit for Remote-controlled Turbines. (Image courtesy of Tecpro).

Tecpro announced the launching of a Control Unit for Remote-controlled Turbines or CURT, aimed at helping mine and quarry operators control dust and odours automatically and remotely from a PC, laptop or smartphone. 

“This sophisticated software allows mine operators to control and monitor their dust and odour suppression equipment from a centralised control room,” Tecpro explained in a media brief. “This gives greater quality control and reduces the risk of EPA fines as there’s no need to rely on onsite staff to operate the systems.”

CURT is the brain-child of the Italian emission control experts, EMiControls

The solution uses a combination of electronic noses, dust sensors, weather stations, photocells and ultrasound to monitor onsite atmospheric conditions to activate and deactivate a site’s various dust control systems as they are required. 

According to Tecpro, the system can sense environmental conditions such as wind speed and direction, rain, humidity and temperature to activate specific equipment when conditions reach pre-defined parameters.

“Using ultrasound and photocell technology, the CURT system can be set to automatically activate dust control equipment when vehicles enter an area for loading or unloading. Likewise, the system can be set to react to triggers from other systems e.g. when conveyors start operating,” the press release states. 

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