Thousands rally in Romania against Chevron, Gabriel Resources

Romania protests

Protests against Chevron and Gabriel Resources in Campeni, Romania | Image Tweeted by @ambrablu

Romanians rallied in the thousands this weekend again, protesting against US energy giant Chevron and Canada’s Gabriel Resources.

Chevron has plans to explore Romania for shale gas while Gabriel is attempting to build Europe’s largest gold mine, Rosia Montana.

Protesters are particularly furious over the leftist government’s intentions to allow the projects to move forward and lack of transparency in the approval process, Reuters reports.

The proposed Rosia Montana mine has been the target of much opposition since early September when the government passed a bill to speed up the project.

Bowing to mass opposition, the government said it might cancel the permit, at which point Gabriel threatened to sue to country for $4 billion.

Read more on Rosia Montana here.

Meanwhile, Chevron appears to have decided that it’s better off staying away – for now at least. After local activists blocked access to the village where Chevron planned on looking for shale gas, the company announced that it would suspend exploration activities in the country.

Romanians against Chevron

Image Tweeted by @cuibus

But anti-shale movements have turned into a global phenomenon this week.

Anti-fracking protests took place in Canada on Friday, from New Brunswick to Vancouver.

Opposition in New Brunswick tuned violent as protesters burned cars. The movement spilled into the weekend with activists seizing a news vehicle on Saturday.

Other protests were also reported in South Africa and the UK.


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