Top ten mining terms you should know

Here’s a list of ten interesting mining terms you might like to know, if you don’t already.

We’ve “mined” the nuggets on this list from social news site Reddit, where various contributors posted the terms and definitions in answer to a question about miners’ slang.

Hats off especially to Reddit users HandsOffTheGoods and the__funk for providing not only the words themselves but also the wording of the definitions.

In late night talk show fashion, we’ve listed the items in reverse order, saving the “best” for last.


Top Ten Mining Terms

10. Bench: floor or ground anywhere underground

9. Back: the roof anywhere underground

8. Drift: what you would call a tunnel

7. Ramp: drift that runs from level down to other levels of a mine

6. Raise: vertical drift (usually for ventilation purposes)

5. Face: the surface you are drilling in attempt to advance your drift

4. Jumbo: machine that drills the face

3. Muckers: movers of rock, which is also called “muck”

2. Gloryhole: a high grade portion of ore

And the number one mining term is…

1. Jackpot: a particularly bad work area

Other interesting mining terms are certain to be missing from today’s list. Write us with your favorites.