The top ten zinc producing mines in the world

Rampura Agucha, the largest zinc mine in the world by volume.

Fitch Solutions Macro Research has just published its outlook for global zinc production. Globally, mined zinc production continues to ramp up over the coming years as elevated prices encourage miners to restart idled capacity and key new mines come online, according to the report. 

Fitch forecasts global mined zinc production to increase by 3.5% in 2018, to 13.7mnt, and rise to 16.8mnt by 2027.

The report focusses on industry trend analyses in Australia, Canada, Peru, China, The U.S., Kazakhstan, Mexico, Namibia, India and Iran.

The global zinc mining outlook also identifies the ten largest zinc mines by volume:

1- India clinches the title for largest zinc mine with Rampura Agucha.

2- Red Dog in the U.S.

3- Antamina in Peru. 

4- Mount Isa, Australia.

5- Penasquito, Mexico.

6- San Cristobal, Bolivia.

7- McAurthur River, Australia. 

8- Cerro Lindo, Peru.

9- Tara, Ireland.

10- Skorpion, Namibia.

The report predicts that China’s zinc production will stagnate due to declining ore grades and increasingly stringent environmental regulations, China will remain a key player in global zinc mine production. 

Read the full report here.