Anthony de Veth appointed General Manager of AMC Consultants in the UK

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA, Thursday 6 April 2017 – AMC Consultants (AMC) is pleased to announce Anthony de Veth as the new General Manager of its office in Maidenhead, in the UK. Chris Arnold handed over the role of General Manager on 1 April 2017 and will soon move to Australia to join AMC’s consulting team in Perth.

Patrick Smith, AMC’s Managing Director said “Anthony is very well regarded by his peers at AMC and more broadly in the industry and I look forward to this exciting new stage for our office in the UK”. Anthony joined AMC’s office in Melbourne in September 2006 as a senior geotechnical engineer, and was quickly promoted to principal. Over the last decade, he has been actively involved in a range of consulting projects at AMC, initially at AMC’s office in Melbourne, and for the past year at the company’s office in the UK. Anthony has more than 20 years’ experience in mining operations and consulting in both open pit and underground projects.

Mr Smith also thanked departing General Manager, Chris Arnold, for “his solid contribution to the business during eight years in the Maidenhead office, and specifically as its General Manager for the past three years.” Chris, was a very early employee of AMC’s predecessor, James Askew Associates. In 2008, he rejoined AMC in the office in Maidenhead office.

AMC is a leading mining consultancy with offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Toronto, Vancouver, Singapore, and Maidenhead (UK). It is wholly independent and 100% employee-owned. Since establishment in 1983, AMC has completed more than 8,000 assignments in more than 100 countries. AMC’s clients include the world’s leading mining and exploration companies, corporate advisers, financial institutions, and insurance companies.