Australia’s world-class minerals industry shows global leadership on sustainability

Australia’s world-class minerals industry has further demonstrated its global leadership on sustainable development with a new report profiling the sector’s support for progress towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sustainability in Action: Australian Mining and the Sustainable Development Goals, produced in partnership with Cardno, outlines the work of seven MCA member companies and the Minerals Tertiary Education Council to deliver improved environmental, economic and social outcomes for Australians.

MCA CEO Tania Constable said MCA was proud to have partnered with Cardno to show how Australian mining’s approach to sustainable development and social investment is contributing to a stronger future.

‘This report is the first step in our work to further understand, listen and improve how Australia’s minerals sector works to support strong, resilient and inclusive communities across the country,’ Ms Constable said.

Cardno International Development Area Manager – Asia Pacific Colin Adams said Cardno was thrilled to have partnered with the MCA and its members to develop the report.

‘While the SDGs are applicable to governments, there is broad recognition that involvement of the private sector – along with non-government organisations, academia, civil society and host communities – will be central to achieving sustainable progress towards the SDGs,’ Mr Adams said.

‘It confirms Australia’s mining industry takes a thoughtful and purposeful approach to sustainable development.’

The report is supported by the Global Compact Network Australia (GCNA), the business-led network of the UN Global Compact which brings together signatories to the UN Global Compact to advance corporate sustainability and the private sector’s contribution to sustainable development. This includes implementation of the Global Compact’s 10 principles and working with Australian businesses to operationalise the SDGs.

GCNA has a significant partnership with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and works closely with other Australian Government departments, including to develop and launch the Australian SDGs Hub.

GCNA Executive Director Kylie Porter said GCNA was pleased to support the report, which showed how mining companies are contributing to meaningful economic, social and environmental outcomes, consistent with the SDGs.

‘This is one of the first industry-wide reports in Australia that considers how the private sector – in this case, the mining sector – is working in partnership to support meaningful progress towards the SDGs. This report highlights how Australian companies can run their businesses in a way that encourages and promotes responsible business and sustainable development’ Ms Porter said.

The SDGs – which came into effect in 2016 – are 17 interconnected global goals to improve quality of life for people around the world.

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