B9 Plasma, Inc. turns mining waste into wealth

B9 Plasma, Inc., has successfully applied its patented Scavitron technologies to mining influenced waters.  Scavitron is the first treatment system designed to convert dissolved solids to stable precipitates, allowing for recovery of valuable minerals during processing. This break-through technology transforms the laborious and cost-intensive chore of mine water clean-up into a novel industry as well as a profitable endeavor.

Roger Anderson, Technical Evangelist, speaks of Scavitron’s global implications “At last the world has a process that can turn the environmental disaster of noxious mine drainage into acid-free, metal-free water. We can now apply our knowledge to save Earth’s most precious commodity, Her waters.”

Scavitron, applied on-site, replaces conventional methods of ultrafiltration and alleviates the need for chemical additives.  James Butler, system integrator at B9’s Mt. Laurel facility, stresses its adaptability “Scavitron units are constructed after detailed assessment of site-specific needs. Its rugged, skid-mounted device is rolled right up to the retention pond.  Our team initiates the processing and trains client’s on-site staff in its user friendly monitoring & maintenance.”

The B9 Plasma team is currently conferring with the mining industry and the military to find the most expedient means to market. Scavitron has no direct competition as yet; industry rumor has it that Brazilian & Canadian mining principals are furrowing towards that end as they, too, seek a way to ease the impact of their 200 years of accumulated mining waste. The key, Mr. Anderson believes, lies in Scavitron’s proven abilities to chemically process mining waste into marketable elements like copper, lithium, and barium. “Clean-up becomes much more palatable when someone else is paying for it. We are striving to start the process before we ALL have to pay.” Scavitron is overdue for immediate action, as are the billions of gallons of mining influenced waters worldwide.