SENTRY by Simoniz, Brings Light To Rim and Wheel Safety

Miami, FL, April 8, 2013 –– Since its establishment in 1910, industry leader Simoniz USA has staked the longevity of their reputation for excellence on their protection products. However while at MINExpo INTERNATIONAL® 2012 Seth Schneider, Vice President of Development at Pneumacore, Inc realized there was a lack of focus on a potentially deadly problem with mining vehicles– wheel and rim cracks.

“A critically important component of any tire maintenance program is to help identify rim cracks,” says Schneider.  “Many companies incorporate Simoniz Life X-Tend (a tire and rim conditioner) into their maintenance programs. Life X-Tend  seeps into microscopic cracks in the rim, helping identify potentially catastrophic problems. I left the expo thinking on how to improve on this product.”

SENTRY: The First Of It’s Kind

The result of Schneider’s brainstorm is SENTRY.  Pneumacore’s patent-pending enhanced version of Simoniz’s Sealtite Life X-tend tire conditioner, SENTRY has fluorescing properties to enhance the detection of rim cracks, bead leaks, punctures, or any other signs of air loss. It is the only product of its kind.

The safety application of SENTRY is especially relevant for the mining and aggregate industries. Developed specifically with low visibility environments in mind, such as underground mining and night time driving conditions, manufacturer Pneumacore, Inc. has developed the world’s first fluorescing rim conditioner. Of course SENTRY works equally as well in daytime or above ground environments.

OSHA requires all cracked rims to be removed and serviced or discarded. Easily identified with the use of a specially developed UV light, catastrophic failures due to rim cracks can become a thing of the past.

Simoniz SENTRY is used to identify rim cracks, bead and vent hole leaks, and punctures. SENTRY keeps the bead area pliable and the inner liner supple, prevents rim corrosion with the strongest anti-corrosion package in the industry, is more stable at higher and lower temperatures than other leading tire conditioners, and has greater lubricity than other conditioners, allowing for easier mounting and dismounting of tires.

Simoniz Tire Maintenance

Simoniz Sealtite tire sealants and conditioners are used in a number of applications throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe and Russia. Sealtite ,Life x tend and SENTRY can be found in use in coal mines, quarries, ready mix fleets, waste and scrap haulers and more.  All of Simoniz’s sealants contain ceramic fibers.  Ceramic fibers “hook” into the rubber at the puncture site and do not dislodge.

Simoniz seals are mechanical in nature, whereas those formed by other sealants are passive and can wash out over time. Sealtite has sealed punctures up to 3/8” in diameter.  Additionally, SENTRY and Sealtite products contain only environmentally friendly propylene glycol.

Find out more about Sealtite products such as Sealtite Pro for high speed applications, Sealtite Off Road for low speed application, Life-X tire and rim conditioner, and Ballast Boost, a sealant concentrate for ballast filled tires at:

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