The women making an impact at Ledcor US Heavy Civil and Mining

Jessica, crew lead at Heavy Civil and Mining. Image from Ledcor.

Ledcor US Heavy Civil and Mining, based in Reno, NV, provides contract mining services, mine construction services, and mine reclamation. The team continues to grow across Nevada into California and Arizona. With vast long-term projects, the team is always looking for new team members to join their safety-minded, supportive culture and grow their career within the company.

Don’t have experience in the Heavy Civil and Mining industry? All new and existing employees participate in a diverse range of career training and development. Learn more about their field, classroom, computer-based and simulator training.

“A great fit for the team would be someone who wants to grow their career with us, takes pride in safe work practices, is a team player, and ensures the well-being of others.” says Carlene, Recruiter. At Ledcor, the management team is always looking to grow and develop their employees. “If a candidate tells us in an interview, they want to one day be a superintendent, then we know how to train and guide them.” says Carlene.

Meet a team member

Jessica, Crew Lead, is developing her career within Ledcor US Heavy Civil and Mining. Jessica explored various opportunities at Ledcor.

Jessica graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Education, specializing in Early Childhood Education. She started her journey teaching before joining the solar construction industry where she was a foreperson running a crew. That is where she first heard about Ledcor, joined the team as a Haul Truck Operator and grew into her current role as a Crew Lead.

“I am currently training towards a supervisory role and have had lots of opportunity to work and train under very skilled, and intelligent leaders and utilize training programs which included ground training, as well as cross-training in different roles,” says Jessica.

A highlight for Jessica has been working with the diverse people across the sites.  She continues to learn and hone her leadership skills while also getting to learn to operate various small pieces of equipment.

“The most interesting thing about working at Ledcor is watching the progression and the processes, especially the reclamations. It’s fascinating just watching everything take shape,” says Jessica.

As part of the Ledcor US Heavy Civil & Mining team, you are valued, supported and part of our family. The team has a culture of safety, where they take care of each other on-the-job, off-the-job, and everywhere in between. “My team came together and took care of my family during a time of need, after losing our home to a fire in December. They care that you come to work safe and healthy and go home to your family safe and healthy,” says Jessica.

If you’re looking to develop your mining experience, Jessica’s advice for those interested in pursuing a career in Heavy Civil and Mining would be to come in with a good work ethic, have a willingness to try new things, be willing to be versatile in your tasks, and take hold of the different opportunities that may present themselves in the workplace.

The Ledcor Group of Companies is one of North America’s most diversified construction companies, serving the civil & infrastructure, oil & gas, pipeline, building, mining, power, and telecommunications sectors. Ledcor also owns operations in property investment, forestry, aviation, and marine transportation services.

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