Weir Minerals announces its innovative IIoT platform Synertrex®

Weir Minerals is excited to announce the global launch of Synertrex®, its advanced IIoT technology which is set to transform the mining industry. Complementing Weir Minerals’ existing portfolio of mining equipment, the Synertrex® platform is now available globally. Delivering an advanced level of understanding, it allows operators to monitor every aspect of their equipment’s operation, prevent problems and increase throughput.

“We believe our Synertrex platform will have a significant impact on the mining industry, transforming customer operations through improved productivity and safety. Working with technology market leaders Microsoft and Dell has enabled us to develop sophisticated predictive software and hardware which is robust enough to operate in extreme conditions across the globe,” Ricardo Garib, Minerals Division President states.

Synertrex® is a cutting edge IIoT platform which harnesses the latest digital technology to transform productivity, foresee risk and enhance performance.

IIoT is a network of equipment that connects to the internet and shares data which can be converted into unique insights. Demand for IIoT enabled products is growing rapidly, particularly in the mining industry where it is being used in a number of areas including analytics, machine learning, and robotics.

Synertrex® is a cutting edge IIoT platform which harnesses the latest digital technology to transform productivity, foresee risk and enhance performance. Utilising cloud computing, it involves placing smart sensors on an array of Weir Minerals’ products which gather critical operating data for advanced analysis. The data is transformed into powerful insights which are relayed to the customer through a digital interface. It can identify problems before they occur, reducing downtime, and optimise equipment performance across an entire circuit.

Remote management allows for simplified maintenance. Wear and tear can be easily monitored, and trouble spots detected before they escalate into major issues. Whether it’s a drive system, structural or lubrication issues, Synertrex® provides the tools to keep mining equipment at its most profitable.

With Synertrex®, the guesswork is removed. Through the platform, customers will have detailed real-time insight into how their equipment is performing, and machines will be able to learn over time. Information is displayed on a simple, easy to understand dashboard which can be accessed via any device or integrated into existing operational systems. It will convey real-time, fact-based insights into machine performance and health, remaining useful life and other crucial indicators.

“Synertrex makes the complex simple, better insight and control of equipment enables customers to make accurate, condition-based decisions. This platform will redefine field service standards and lead to greater performance, reliability and ultimately return on investment,” Fred Bradner, Vice President of Global Strategy, Sales and Marketing said.

At this stage, the platform can be paired with Warman® pumps, Cavex® hydrocyclones, GEHO® PD pumps, Enduron® HPGR, Enduron® screens and Enduron® crushers; however there are plans to expand the range of compatible products. Customers with existing Weir Minerals’ products who wish to enable Synertrex® will be able to retrofit sensors to equipment.

“This technology is backed by our 147 years of experience and unrivalled service support. Our team travel to the customers’ site to install the sensors, connect to the cloud and provide training to ensure they fully understand how the Synertrex platform works and what it can do. The data gathered from Synertrex combined with our in-depth product knowledge, provides unique insights on performance that only the OEM can deliver. Our extensive service network can quickly act on the outputs from Synertrex to provide unrivalled on-site support to our customers,” John McNulty, Vice President of Global Engineering and Technology concludes.

IIoT platform Synertrex®

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