Webinar: Responsible mining on the ground

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Organized by the Responsible Mining Foundation & NADEL and moderated by Fritz Brugger, ETH-NADEL, this webinar focuses on the growing need for independent and non-corporate ESG data, and the interactive online discussion will reflect on two recent tools that enable collaborative impact monitoring and engagement with mining companies, at the mine-site level. Most of mining impacts and challenges are indeed local, and happening at site level.

ETH-​NADEL recently launched the Resource Impact Dashboard (RID), a policy instrument that enables evidence-​​based monitoring and deliberation about local resource governance for all stakeholders at the mine site level – based on data from household surveys, public sources, and from mining companies.

Last year, RMF publicly launched the Mine Site Assessment Tool (MSAT), an engagement tool designed by and for local stakeholders. The tool has been actively used in several countries, including Ghana and this event will offer an opportunity to share some experience from the ground.

The webinar takes place Tuesday July 13, 3pm Zurich time. Registration is here.