Woman loses £300 diamond to a chicken

If you like your diamonds, you may want to reconsider getting a pet chicken.

One unlucky Briton learned this the hard way when her family’s cockerel, perched on her shoulder, pecked a diamond earring off her ear and swallowed it – a £300 snack, UK’s Daily Mirror reports.

Lucky for Sarah the rooster, her owner Claire Lennon doesn’t want to risk surgery to recover the diamond. Instead, Lennon will wait eight years until the chicken passes to reclaim her earring.

A vet told the family that the jewel is trapped inside the stomach of the six-month old rooster and will not come out. Laxatives proved fruitless.

However, after about eight years of living inside a chicken, the earring will not come out in the same condition it went in. The platinum white gold will disintegrate over time.

“But the diamond is so hard it will not be damaged and will just stay there in the until Sarah dies and then of course we can get it back,” Claire told Daily Mirror reporters.

Creative Commons image by: wattpublishing

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