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2.5 Million Safe Work Hours – Successful Training on Mine Safety reports that one of the divisions (SEMO) of the Doe Run Company reached 2.5 million work hours without a lost-time injury. Doe Run offers its employees training on mine safety upon hiring and throughout their careers as part of the company’s safety preparedness program.

SEMO employees receive 40 hours of in-depth training on Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) guidelines upon hire with continued safety training throughout their careers. Companywide, Doe Run employees completed more than 18,000 hours of safety training in 2012.

“Every day, SEMO employees practice safe work procedures that protect themselves and their team members,” said Karonica Brice, safety manager at SEMO. “Inspecting our work areas for hazards and reporting them, inspecting our mobile equipment before operating them, watching out for our fellow co-workers, and never compromising safety for any reason are a few of our safety processes that help protect employees.”