Active Control installs first commercial ActiveMine system at West Virginia coal mine

TORONTO, May 1, 2008 – Active Control Technology Inc. (TSX-V:ACT) announced today that it has sold and installed its first commercial deployment of ActiveMineTM, the company’s two-way wireless Wi-Fi communications and tracking system, at an underground coal mine in West Virginia.

An existing customer issued a new purchase order to install a basic communications system in a newly opened mine so that the mine would be compliant with mine safety regulations for communication. The system has been in operation for a full month now and will be invoiced next week.

A subsequent upgrade will include the ActiveMine real-time electronic tracking feature and an above-ground wireless communication network. ActiveMine will also be integrated into the customer’s corporate enterprise voice and data network, headquartered over 50 miles away.

The system will be invoiced at $125,000 and represents 20 percent of the estimated lifetime revenue of this mine plan for the ActiveMine system which would total up to $625,000. This initial order reflects the new mine’s size at present, as it is operating with one active face at 1,500 feet underground. The mine plan calls for at least two active faces and several miles of underground entries. As the mine face advances, further revenues will be generated as additional ActiveMine nodes are added to extend the underground Wi-Fi network.

“This installation marks a major milestone not only for Active Control, but also for underground coal mine safety and productivity,” said Steve Barrett, President and CEO, Active Control. “We’re delighted with the confidence shown in our technology, and are working hard to close additional sales in the coal and non-coal mining space.”

About ActiveMine

ActiveMine’s communications, data and tracking system enables monitoring of production, personnel and equipment in all types of surface and underground mining environments, including coal and base metal mines. The system is designed to:

  • Operate on a 100 percent wireless Wi-Fi network backbone.
  • Be less susceptible to water and mechanical damage of all sorts, including rock fall.
  • Use open-standards technology.
  • Meet federal MINER Act requirements for wireless systems as established in MSHA policies.
  • Provide four-day intrinsically safe battery back-up and power supply.
  • Provide a wireless communications and data network above-ground, linked seamlessly to underground networks.

About Active Control Technology
ACT designs and markets wireless network control and communication systems for buildings and extreme environments. Located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, the company trades publicly on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol ACT. For more information, visit the company’s website at

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