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Edumine launches new training platform to serve mining companies

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Edumine, a leading mining industry training platform, has launched with new design, functionality and a focus on training the next generation of miners.

Edumine is the sister product of and The Northern Miner and delivers online training programs for engineers and mining professionals.

“Mining companies are struggling to train tomorrow’s workforce without compromising today’s operations,” said Marc Borbas, VP of Talent Solutions for Glacier Resource Innovation Group, which runs the Edumine platform. “The new Edumine gives us a new platform to solve this problem at scale by providing convenient, comprehensive and credible online training.”

“Mining companies are struggling to train tomorrow’s workforce without compromising today’s operations”

Marc Borbas, VP, Talent solutions, edumine

Within the mining industry, there is widespread recognition that current training programs and approaches are failing to generate a large enough pool of skilled geologists and mining engineers. As a result, companies are increasingly trying to hire skilled talent from their competitors at great cost, instead of developing their own talent.

Edumine makes it easy for:

  • Learners to fit training into a schedule and progress towards their goals;
  • Instructors to share their expertise and earn money from doing so;
  • Talent development teams to deliver valuable training,

 “Across the training industry in general, there is a growing trend towards continuous learning, where individuals want to squeeze small chunks of training into each day, rather than dedicating hours or days to course completion,” added Borbas. “This is also welcomed by employers who seek to minimize downtime and the logistics challenges of sending employees out on lengthy training programs.

“Our self-paced online learning model allows training to fit into the “corners of day” and can be extended with scheduled training sessions to reinforce key concepts. We will re-imagine Edumine in 2020 as a provider of tailored training programs aimed at specific groups of employees. The first step in this journey is migrating our content and users to a new platform that allows us to control and drive learner engagement and to divide learning up into bite-sized pieces.”

For more information, visit Edumine.